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W_Pump Header questions

Level 7
I just migrated from another maker's motherboard to a Maximus IX Formula, and am starting to try out water cooling. Not all of my parts are here yet, but I did set up a GPU-only loop, using an EKWB EK-XRES 100 SPC-60 pump, which only uses a PWM connector for power/control.

On the Formula board, I have plugged it into the W_PUMP+ header, and it is working - but the pump is at 100% speed. Going into either QFAN or Fan Xpert, I can see the RPM of the pump (2399 rpm), but I don't have the options to set the speed. Is this normal? I'd like to slow the pump down some to reduce the noise from it. On the previous motherboard I had it plugged into a normal fan header and could control it, having it run at about 50% speed.

In the motherboard manual I see that AIO_PUMP and W_PUMP+ are listed as defaulting to full speed, and 'share control'.

Is there some setting or something else I need to do to be able to control the speed of the pump?

I'm on BIOS version 906, btw.

Level 7
Bah - disregard. After searching for a setting and not finding one I made this post.

Only to immediately find the setting in the BIOS to allow PWM control of the W_PUMP+ and AIO_PUMP headers.

/hangs head in shame.