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USB 2 Header concern

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I am in the process of putting together my first build. Parts have been ordered and are on the way to me.

I am doing a lot of research into how best to approach the build to try to mitigate against any problems and am now seeing a possible issue.

I will be using a z270e motherboard which I understand has 2x USB 2.0 headers available.

I will also be using a Corsair 780T case which has 2x USB 2.0 ports on the front of the case and which will require a USB header to function correctly, a Corsair RM750i power supply which utilises a USB 2.0 header and a Corsair H115i liquid cpu cooler both of which will also require a USB 2.0 header to work as intended.

Can I confirm that the z270e has only 2x USB 2.0 headers and that I will indeed have a problem connecting the case, the power supply, and the cooler?

Does anyone have any quick and easy solutions for a workaround for someone who is new to building and probably not tech savvy enough to get the soldering iron out?

Many thanks in advance,


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easiest solution is don't connect the h1151 or power supply to USB, the fans from cooler can be controlled from motherboard, and Corsair Link has been know to cause conflicts from time to time. or you can use a NZXT internal USB hub

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At this point Corsair Link does not seem to even be fully compatible with your proposed system. Best to stick with known working reporting software such as AIDA64.

denisgcarvalho wrote:
I had answers from Corsair, soon an update of Corsair Link. ;););)

Support: Criado por: Francois TS (2/1/2017 10:16 AM)
Hello Denis,

There are some incompatibility issues between CL4 and Kaby Lake. We're working towards fixing it in a coming update. For now, try a fresh installation:

- Please make sure to install all updates for Windows.
- Uninstall the Corsair Link software.
- Run CCleaner:
- Restart your computer
- Reinstall Corsair Link.

Thanks for the reply guys. Some good info there and plenty to think about.

Unfortunately, these asus z270 motherboards have mostly just one header for USB2, but it has 2 channels, so if you have a combined connector, you can use the 1 piece of header for 2 cables.

If you need more headers, you need to use the suggested NZXT internal hub - as I did.

My personal comment: not so nice from the manufacturer, so only one header for usb2 and just one for usb3 and one for usb3-1.

If you're not using the ROG_EXT then you have three available USB 2.0 headers. Part of the ROG_EXT connector is a USB 2.0 header

USB_1314 is the marking. The other USB 2.0's are USB_910 and USB_1112

I own the Z270E too, it's an excellent board.

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That NZXT internal hub is good. Although any USB2 hub would do if you don't mind manually rewiring your USB cables/connectors.

You could "upgrade" your ROG OC Panel to a ROG Front Base and gain a USB2 port, lol.
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I also followed the *NZXT internal hub on my M8E before changing over to the M9F. *I have it on the backside of my case out of site so there is just one USB 2.0 cable barely poking through the front side. Everything I need it for is on the back side anyhow. PSU, Aquaero, NZXT Hue+ etc and my Logitech unifying receiver is plugged into it too.*

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Build issue with ASUS Crosshair RoG Hero VI (x370-AM4) MB, with AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU.

BUILD: When *NEW* Corsair Commander Pro [CL-9011110-WW] system with 3 (2x140mm + 1x120mm) Corsair ML RGB Fans & 3 Corsiar RGB Lighting Strips (5050 style) using Corsiar Lighting Node Pro (ALL Purchased via Amazon just 2 months ago), inside Corsair 740 AF Case. Previously running perfectly (once I finalily got it confirgured in the new iCue Engine) with my ASUS TUF Z370 (with Intel Core i7-8700), with absolutely ZERO Issues for almost the entire time.

ISSUE: The issue, removed the Intel chipset & replaced with RoG board & R7, connected the Commander Pro to the USB 2.0 header... IMMEDIATELY Started Smoking!!! After opening the Commander Pro, the IC (I assume a type of SMC Controller Chip) inside the CP, was literally FUSED the CORE of the IC to the PCB!!! WOW!!!! Now after a weeks diagnosis while awaiting the 2nd NEW CP unit, I installed it. Using all new cables (using the NEW USB, PWR & a few other included wires), GUESS WHAT?!?!?! 2ND UNIT FRIED In the EXACT Same Manner as the first?!?!?! WHATS UP WITH THIS??? Any ideas? and Yeah that's Almost $200 Worth of Stuff Fried in a SECOND... TWICE???


Good thing I'm doing this build to test this stuff out, or I'd be REALLY MIFFED...

MBINFO: Motherboard ID 63-0100-000001-00101111-040517-Chipset$0AAAA000_BIOS DATE: 05/29/18 14:23:52 VER: 05.0000D
CPUINFO: Summit Ridge, Package Type 1331 Pin uOPGA
BIOSVER: BIOS Version 6201