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Uncore ratio artificially capped?

Level 8
Motherboard: Asus Strix z270-e
Bios Ver: 1009
CPU: i7-7700k

I set a core multiplier of 50x (for 5GHz) and also the "Max CPU Cache Ratio" to 50x as well. However in software the Uncore Ratio, as well as the LLC Ring/Clock will always show a maximum of 47.

Setting core multiplier to 49x displays a similar behaviour of capping the uncore ratio at 46x (even though it was set to 49x in BIOS). Is it normal for the motherboard to cap the uncore ratio (maxUncoreRatio = coreRatio - 3) like this? CMOS was reset prior to testing.

Level 11
What software is showing this?

What software is showing this?

HWInfo64, as well as AIDA64 (the item "North Bridge Clock").

I should note that I am able to manually force/set the cache multiplier properly beyond the (CoreMultiplier - 3) cap via AI Suite's TPU section (stability issues & Clock-WatchDog blue screens of death aside :p).

Level 7
It's a BIOS bug. Try alternating between the higher value and a lower one like 42. If you want to save yourself the trouble of resetting your computer a million times to get it to stick, try setting the minimum to say 50 and the maximum to 50 as well. It seems the success rate for it sticking is higher perhaps due to a more limited range. This will let you know if you have a shot at even running such a high cache frequency if you are able to post let alone boot into Windows. Also, cutting the power to the motherboard was recommended to me by done12many2 on