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Strix Z270I Gaming M-ITX AIO_PUMP Header + EK D5 PWM Pump Q

Level 7

I'm waiting on stock arriving for the Z270 m-itx Strix mobo, and in the meantime am wondering about my fan and pump setup.

I've got the EK D5 PWM pump, which is powered by molex, and a seperate PWM connector that pops on a fan header (so a blue and green wire - one for tach senser and the other for PWM signal), pump is this one:

There's five fans in addition to this (in a Fractal Nano), 4 on 2 x 240 rads and a single rear case fan.

Looking at the Z270I manual the mobo has three headers: CPU_FAN, AIO_PUMP and CHA_FAN (see page 1-16 in the manual below):

Question is, can I use the AIO_PUMP header to control the PWM part of my D5 pump (which would mean the tach blue wire on my pump going to CHA FAN IN and the Green PWM wire going to +5v on the AIO_PUMP header on the mobo), and the other two headers (CPU_FAN and CHA_FAN) for my rad/case fans? I had the same quandry with my old Ranger VIII board and its PUMP header, but never dared use it.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Level 7
My advice is use the Molex for power and the pwm pin in the aio pump....will be ok....

p.s when the pump is connected with a molex for power you can connect the pwm pin in any 4 pin header for controlling the pump speed....

Level 15
It should work. Just make sure the fans you're planning to connect to the fan headers don't consume more than 1A.