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Strix Z270H Audio Issues: center/sub, 7.1 virtualization in headphones, more.

Level 7
Ok I've used the two available drivers from the ASUS site, as well as a whole BUNCH of other drivers from Realtek and other newer versions floating around.

The problems are the same either on Win 10 Anniv update, or on the new Win 10 Creator's update.

There are several things that just don't work right.

First is 7.1 audio in general when using all 4 jacks on the back with discreet speakers. On most of the drivers with 7.1 speakers plugged in the center sub will not detect and instead the realtek control panel is insisting that I have a mic plugged into pink when in fact I have center sub plugged into orange and nothing in pink at all. Yes, I'm sure everything is plugged into the correct jacks because on just one or two of the many Realtek drivers with different dates I collected from other MBs the audio jacks magically do work correctly in 7.1. It's just that almost none of them work.

Second is the 7.1 virtualization in headphones for 3D gaming. My last board, the Maximus VIII Ranger worked flawlessly with this. This one of the few drivers that virtualize 7.1 to positional in stereo headphones at all strange things happen such as only the subwoofer channel won't play into the headphones. Some kind of crazy software thing isn't mixing in the sub channel with the rest of the virtualization.

Lastly is the auto detect on the headphone amp. The Maximus VIII Ranger was awesome, but this one keeps incorrectly setting the headphone amp to extreme which is way too much. Also it doesn't do a good job of switching between headphones and 7.1 when I plug and unplug the headphones from the front jack.

All this was perfect on the VIII Ranger. It's all messed up on the Strix Z270H.

Any chance of some fixed drivers soon?