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Slow startup maximux IX

Level 11

I just bought a new pc


Maximus IX formula
G skill 3200 mhz ram 32 gb trident z DDR4
Sli 970 gtx Gigabyte
seasonic 1200 w psu
2 ssd 500 gb and 250 gb + 2 IDE HDD on 1 tb and 1 M2 250 gb for win 10
Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler with 2 fans

When i press the power botton on the case then i hear ignite and things prepare for booting up.
But it takes like 15 sec. before the screen shows the bios post.
Then after that it boots fast enough in to windows like normal.

I disabled the logo screen and set bios post for 1 sec.

The thing i find wierd is the 15 seconds where the screen is black and even my G910 keybord dont light up before these 14 -15 seconds has passed.

My Q code shows AO and sometimes 40.
Everything is installed and works fine besid ethat long waiting time in startup

Level 8
Odd behavior. A0 is the normal operational code, you can think of it as "All Operational". 40 is code for waking from sleep mode

Level 11
Now it shows A0 again like it use to..not sure what the 40 was for on last boot.

But in the 15 seconds it takes the screen to show bios post, then i see the Q code loading alot of numbers like some kind of scan.
So in that time the motherboard checks stuff before posting ?

I remember my old pc Rampage formula IV was showing bios post few sec. after ignite.

Hi Psycrow

DDR4 memory training takes longer than with previous motherboards, I wouldn't worry about the added boot time.

Mine takes 30 seconds to load windows from the time I press the power button.

You can try what this member posted, it's for a maximus viii board but all options are there.

Level 11
Hmm yeah 25-30 for a boot up sounds normal i guess..btw what is ram training ?

Memory training is the system checking the ram at post for stability. If it passes you'll boot, if it fails you'll get an overclocking failed message.