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Sleep/wake issues with Maximus IX Code i7 7700k

Level 10
I have done everything possible.
Tried safe mode the problem goes away Tried Diagnostic startup, the problem goes away Tried format and reinstalling OS the problem goes away.
But after updates the problem remains.
(However with Diagnostic startup I couldn't login into windows 10, and no network connection)
* The system power settings are on balanced. Everything is at default. This problem started after January 20th. Update?
The system goes to sleep, after a while on wake system turns On fans run but nothing on screen. Qcode bounces between 01 and 03 Complete shutdown and power ON cures it I just purchased this board in Jan, going to RMA it otherwise.

Level 13
Same reply I gave you on OCN. Try uninstalling drivers/devices until you find the culprit. If it really happened after an update, it is likely to be one of the things (driver/device) you have installed on the system and in that case it isn't necessarily a board problem. Intel RST drivers are sometimes the cause of this type of thing so you may want to start there if you have them installed.

Intel rapid storage.
Will do*

I want to try Diagnostic startup one more time. But last time it showed no network connections and no login options at all.
Just stuck at windows background with the clock.
I will try to see f I can turn off login options and see if that helps me login at diag startup.
I really think I should be troubleshooting services their on startup.*

Level 13
If its working before updates its not the MOBO.

You have something triggering the wake.
Other than the OS check to see which devices you have enabled in the BIOS to wake the machine. Wake on Lan can do this and if you use a wireless mouse/keyboard simply getting too close with a cell phone can cause it, dont even need to make a call as the radio still transmits and receives.

Personally I don't use fast joke (aka fast startup) or sleep. Its not like in today's world of uber fast SSDs that it saves any time. When I'm done I shut it off, when I'm ready to use I power up. Sleep, hibernate etc all had a place several years ago wwith slower technology that you had to turn on your machine before breakfast but those days are gone.

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