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ROG Strix Z270I Gaming - Bright white LED

Level 7
I am using an ROG Strix Z270I Gaming which by the way works flawlessly if i keep the power connected during system power down.

The only issue i have is when the machine resumes from standby a yellow/green LED is burning on the top left of the mainboard.
I decided to update the BIOS from 0704 to 0808.
After the BIOS upgrade i have a bright white LED burning on the top left after resume from standby 😞
The only way to turn it off is to reboot the computer.

I tried to downgrade the BIOS with no success. Is there even a way to downgrade the BIOS?
Do more people have the same experiences with this board and LED behavior?

Level 15

Yes system is working fine and i don't worry about it but a bright white LED that keeps burning after system standby counts as a BIOS bug for me.
Anyone has a clue how to fix it or just wait for the next update?

All right... BIOS 0808 is no longer available for download on the site. Seems that there are some serious problems with this release.
Anyone know how i can downgrade to the previous version?