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Rog Maximus IX Extreme

Level 7
Anyone know when the Rog Maximus IX Extreme will be released to buy. I am building a new ultimate water-cooled system and definatly want to get one of these boards. Any info appreciated...

Level 7
I think it's already out

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Level 8
Dealers may pre-order at the end of Mar
Looking forward to it

#Update newegg is available

Level 14
That is a third party seller on Newegg, hopefully not the final retail price

Level 10
Omg with built in water cooling block.
I might have to get back into the water cooling game!

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So is it out or not? I've already ordered one from Magically 4 days AFTER I've ordered it, it's out of stock. We will see. I will keep you posted.

Level 14
It's on Neweeg

Level 13
Yep, $630 on the egg and by the egg. Just saw an amazon re seller with a jacked price as well. Unfortunately every time new hardware is released that is highly sought after the gougers always seem to source it first. Often if you are not fast enough the reputable sources will have their entire inventory emptied with one order then you see a listing with a substantial price increase the next day on fleabay.

I may have gone the $630 but the late release well behind the others is going to have an impact on sales. Im sure Im not alone in buying a formula and not going to entertain yanking it out to gain some fan headers I wont use, I block I prefer not to be locked in to, and the only thing Im really interested in, the second bios rom.

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I actually bought one off Newegg and it's a beast. I booted it with an air cooler just to burn in a cpu for this build as the watercooling parts come in but this thing really is a monster for a water cooling build. I'm excited to get started!