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ROG Maximus IX Extreme not starting (re-start cycle, maybe at code 20)

Level 7

My trusty Maximus IX Extreme will not start. When pressing start (on the case or mb) it seems to start starting normally, but then (within a second) it shuts down and re-starts (after another short approx. one second "being off"-break). The start doesn't stop at some point showing a post code and the speed of the codes ticking by makes it hard to see at what point it re-starts. By videoing the post code numbers and checking them in slo-mo it seems to re-start at code 20.

The re-start cycle seems to go on indefinitely. However, somewhat strangely it did start up once (at the 3rd or 4th cycle when restarting), and everything was normal until it suddenly shut down hard (after 30 minutes of normal computer use). After that it is back to the re-start cycle.

Nothing in the computer has been changed, it hasn't been moved, just shut down normally yesterday evening and the problem occurred when trying to start it this morning. During the single start I checked the water pump (testing if some sort of waterflow-"CPU fan not working" might be the problem), but it seemed to be working normally. My current hope is the CMOS battery, but didn't have a spare to test.

I couldn't find a similar problem description anywhere, so any help would be really appreciated (using my rig 12 hrs/day for both work & play).

Level 7
So, switched the CMOS battery, but that didn't help. Also checked the waterpump (just in case), it starts up when start is pressed (so "no problem").

Further slo-mo video(s) of the Q-code numbers during boot shows the last fully readable Q-code number to be 18.

Also noticed that the small Q-led "CPU" close to the Q-code panel lights up (red), but none of the other 4 small leds lights up (the others being DRAM, VGA, BOOT). The manual states the following: "Q LED check key components (CPU, DRAM, VGA card, and booting devices) in sequence during motherboard booting process. If an error is found, the corresponding LED remains lit until the problem is solved. This user-friendly design provides an intuitive way to locate the root problem within seconds." However, I am not sure if it "remains lit", as it turns off when the mobo shuts down (and then starts the next restart cycle).

Any ideas on what to check or what the problem might be would be quite welcome.

Level 7
Testing cabling and connections by removing/re-connecting, and the computer occasionally boots just fine. So the problem is probably not the mobo, might be the power (though it is an AX860i) or something power-related.

Im having a simiar problem but mine willnt boot at all. I cant boot to USB or anything. Tired everything i know to try, ill keep ya posted. My thread is right by yours. I use to have problems running AIsuite so if you can boot try to unstinstall that.*