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Roasted USB on Maximus IX Formula

Level 7
Hey, I have an middle catastrophic issue with my MB.
My wife plugged in an external DVD Drive and used the wrong power adaptor and gave 12 Volts to the USB circuit.
The PC shut down and after a restart did all USB slots were a device was logged in no longer usable, external and intern ones too!
All USB Slots which were not used at that time are working, so i have a working system now.


I have some problematic unknown devices on "hardware manager".
And my system has issues recognizing my plugged in USB devices which are working, but can't be identified for the company software.
Like my Corsair Keyboard, or USB Headset, which work, but can't be colorcontrolled or remotecontroled by software.

Is it possible to shut down the on board USB controller completly and bypass the whole problem with a seperate PCIe USB card?

Thanks for your help!