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Ridiculously long boot times. What can I do to improve?

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I have a gaming rig that is more Asus than it's not. It's based around an Asus ROG Maxmimus IX Hero mobo. It's a great system even after six years with only one exception. It takes literally forever to boot, and I have no idea why. I finally, just recently, upgraded from SATA III SSDs to two Samsung M.2 SSDs. I've done the speed tests and they're at least 7 times as fast as my old SSDs. My boot times are still 1.5 minutes or longer. Most of that time seems to be the mobo taking forever to boot up before the OS loading even starts. It sits at the Press DEL or F2 to load UEFI BIOS screen for a solid thirty seconds before any loading even begins. I've went through BIOS and turned on or off any setting that I think may be affecting my slow boot times, but nothing seems to make any difference. I mean, I know humans need at least a few seconds to press a key to boot into BIOS, but does it really need to sit there for a solid thirty seconds waiting for a response? I feel OS load time could be better, but I know there are a lot of issues that can impact that. If I could just shave the ridiculously long pre-post and post times down, that would be a huge improvement.

Is anyone aware of anything that I can do to decrease my boot or reboot times?



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I would disconnect everything from the motherboards rear IO. Potentially a USB device stalling the system during the hand-off to the OS.

Reconnect one device a time.

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