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Random shut downs and reboots, no bcod

Level 7
Hey guys, I have random reboots on my computer. I dont get any blue screens or error messages, ive check temps and basic stuff but im not the most advanced tweaker like some of you. I can be gaming or surfing net or just sitting idling. sometimes it will turn back on immediately and sometimes it has to wait 10 mins or so.

-Maximus XII
-i910900kf AIO cooler with 320mm rad.
Rams (4) sticks of g.Skill f4-4133c19d-16GTZR--- might be the issue, ive tried it on different scenarios with 1, 2, stick and swapped them around and all that and ran mem test its test ok.
-(2) 960 PRO m.2 in raid
-1 970 pro m.2 storage
-corsair 1200gold PSU

I have some basic diag stuff but just tell me what to post.

Level 7
Do i need to slow this ram down rather than speed it up for this processor (i9 10900kf)? see specs below. im running memtest 86 on it now. 2 sticks passed in dual chanel, i took them out and put the other set in the same slots and will be running that. if they pass ill put in all 4 and run it again.

Level 7
both sets passed memtest, i havent ran test on all 4, ill do that in the morning while i go to work.

Level 7
keeps crashing on 2 sticks at 3600. i think I'm gonna reformat and go to windows 11 pro. see if some software changes help any.

Level 7
well, so far so good. cpu stress tests on clean install of windows 11 pro and only drivers, no aisuite or armory crate, temps are down a solid 20c

Edit. After 2:40 mem test the temps are waaaaaay down. I'm just going to keep it here and see what happens for a bit while gaming.

I did also notice a nice spike in watts which makes my temps spike which is usually just around the start of the tests. could this be an issue?