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Problems with IX Formula after bios update

Level 7
Hey guys, I updated the bios 2 days ago to 0906 and since this has happened I can't change my XMP profile anymore. I was originally just playing around with the TPU overclocking and the screen would go black and the board was giving me ram codes so I did more investigating, I'm running G.Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR 32GB. I thought it may have been one of the sticks playing up but I can increase them all to 3200 individually, but when I try and increase all 4 the computer won't start and I have to reset the CMOS. I have rolled the bios back to 0801 and I still have the same issue. Although I hadn't done a bios update previously so I may have to go back to the original bios. Is there anything else that could also be causing this I had no issues with this prior

I'm also not sure if this is related but I have been trying to adjust the fan curve in Fan Xpert 4 with it based off the water temp sensors I just added to my loop and it seems to be ignoring the curve. (The yellow dot will sit at say 20% when the curve has it plotted at 80%) as you can see in the picture below.



Try bios 1004 and see if it's any better, you can get it in the link below.

You may want to try setting your ram manually and setting cpu vccio voltage 1.20v - 1.25v and cpu system agent voltage at 1.20v and up to 1. 30v if needed.

Level 7
Updated the bios before bed last night. I tried doing the ram on auto and it still didn't work. Ill try do them manually when I get home this afternoon. The CPU fan will follow the curve but all my chassis fans are just staying on the one RPM, unsure if its bios related but it's really annoying