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No signal problem again...

Level 10
So I've been using my PC for over a day now. Decided to turn the XMP profile for the RAM. Windows started up fine after that. Later, after restarting Windows, the signal did not come back on. I'm not sure Windows even booted up in the background. I'm starting to think I won't be able to use XMP on this motherboard. Is there any solution for this?
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Right after hitting start on the stress test.
It at least restarted itself afterwards. I'm back in the BIOS.

OK, in DiGi+ try raising LLC to level 6, F10 and Enter and see if the test starts.

I'm guessing that's relatively normal?
I also don't want the cpu to get TOO hot, since video encoding uses 100% and can last for over an hour for long videos.
I'll turn up the LLC and see what happens.

Yes we can expect some BSOD's when overclocking and is normal, temps are good for your cooler and voltage. From what I've been seeing so far most 7700k's can hit 5.0GHz with 1.35v.

If I'm not mistaken Raja has a 7700k to 5.0GHz with 1.35v or there about.

But yeah try the LLC to level 6 and see if the test will run. You can do an encoding test once we find your max overclock and see if there is a temp difference, some people stress test their cpu's for hours or even overnight so I don't really see a problem with 79c temp for an hour or a little more.

How does she go with LLC at level 6 ?

Computer locked up 1 minute into the test.

OK she's close to running the test.

Try LLC to level 7 if it still BSOD's/freezes then try level 8.

Okay, trying Level 7. There is no 8, though. 7 is max on here.


4 minutes in.
Getting close to 90c on Core #0.
Vcore is at 1.392v.

Blue screen of death about 7 minutes in.
...also a high pitched noise coming from the PC.

EDIT: That high pitched noise is coming from a TV in another room, apparently. lol.