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Need people who use on-board audio to comment please

Level 10

I am currently using a Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card and I like it but something bothers me that I noticed when testing another PC with a USB audio system. When playing anything with sound, audiodg.exe consumes up to 6% of my 7700k CPU usage. That's significant for a quad core hyperthreaded brand new processor. On the system with USB audio however, there is 0% CPU usage when dealing with sound.

My question to anyone using a Z270 Maximus board with on-board audio, does your audiodg.exe consume CPU usage when you play anything with sound? Or does it stay 0% at all times?

Thank you

Level 7
Second the notion. Used to use Asus Essence STX II and went to onboard to try. Absolute garbage. Z270 ROG Code.

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