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Multiple issue with onboard sound card driver.

Level 7
maximus ix hero, win 10 fall creator's update.

Using HD front panel, and use "split rear panel audio jacks to separate audio streams", then I insert the audio jack from my headphone, the audio should go to my front panel headphone, not my rear panel speaker.

However, after pc restart, or shutdown/start, the audio ALWAYS go to my speaker, even when windows settings is "headphone" device as default. Both "headphone" and "speaker" device are now "speaker" device, headphone is completely ignored.
After it happens, when I messing with the audio driver settings, like switching AC97 and HD, split audio jack input or output, or something like that, then it works again. And the same issue will still happen after restart or shutdown/start.

Using the config above, or any config that detect my front panel audio jack, whenever I insert my audio jack, a window ALWAYS popup that telling me how much ohm is my headphone, even "auto popup dialog" option is disabled.

This is extremely annoying because I was playing game and the window just poped up and my game is minimized

Will there be any fix? because the driver is half year old and with such bugs and no more release.

Level 7
the audio software is buggy.. as you can see here in my post:

our only hope is someday somehow asus will deliver a new update fixing it..