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Motherboard lights are off, can't see GPU.

Level 7
Hello everyone.

I bought new system 3 months ago mostly for gaming, mostly for arma3 and everything was fine till now.
My system is:
i7 7700k
DDR4 Dominator 3600
Asus Rog Maximus Hero 9
Asus Strix GTX 1060
Samsung 850 evo
EVGA 650 psu

For some reason after last startup motherboard integrated led lights are OFF, and they were ON usually even after switching pc OFF.

Gpu lights are ON red fading/breathing effect, and should change colours, at least this is how it was before. When I'm launching any game my GPU is intel graphic 630, not gtx 1060 and screen is shaking a bit. When I'm launching DxDiag it also see only integrated graphic. Nvidia control panel doesnt even want to start. Nvidia experience doesnt show any of my games. My Motherboard Q-code is A0, most of the time, but sometimes 40.

No idea what happened. I was pretty sure it's GPU foult, but I switched to different card Palit gtx970 Jet Stream with exactly same effects.

This is what I already tried:

- I took the battery out of motherboard, but didn't help.
- switched between PCIE16 with gtx970 and gtx1060. I was using same cable and same motherboard port when testing.
- tried to uninstall iGPU in windows, but didn't help.
- disabled iGPU in BIOS and set PCIE16 as a main video card.
- installed latest nvidia driver.

I will try to update bios and this is my last idea, any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Level 15

So I striped my pc and assembled it on the desk without case. I updated bios to newest version and that fixed light problem. Now all I need is to make GPU work again, here are some pictures:

As you can see, geforce experience can't see my games and I have about 20 of them. It was working perfectly before saturday...

Thanks for any help.

Level 15
From your screenshots, I can see the GPU being picked up correctly. Regarding GeForce Experience, I have no idea. I don't use that software.

Yep, system can see it, now aura can see it and gpu tweaked 2 from Asus can see it. I can change the light colours and fan speed and stuff, but nvidia experience can't see it, games can't see it and nvidia panel says that it won't open because I have no screen connected to my gpu port meanwhile I always had it connected to my motherboard.