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Missing "Switchable Graphics" option in BIOS v1301

Level 7
Hi All,

I recently updated my UEFI/BIOS to version 1301.

Unfortunately, I see one missing options. In Advanced->System Agent (SA) Configuration->Graphics Configuration->Primary Display I can choose from 3 options: PEG, IGFX and Auto. However, when I have this option highlighted, on the bottom of the screen I see option's description which also says that I should be able to choose "SG" option (I'm guessing that it means "Switchable Graphics") option to be able to use dual GPU. But, as I said, I can choose only from 3 options and there is no "SG" between them. Is it correct?

Quick info: I'm using i7 7700K and nVidia GTX 1070 graphics.

EDIT. OOOps, I posted it to Z370 forum instead of Z270. I quickly moved it to correct forum, but I see it's still there. Please ignore this thread if you are reading Z370 forum, sorry 😞 Dear Administrators, please remove it from Z370 forums, sorry 😞