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MAXIUS IX, Cant boot anything, USB, DVD tried everything. BSOD

Level 7
Hey guys I have a maximus ix and its been up and going for about 3 years working fine. My niece and nephew came over and managed to download some "free games" about 2 weeks later i start having issues. This may or may not be the problem. I came upstairs to find the computer looping to BSOD (kmode and a few others)
*Ived tried everything to get this thing to boot. *Removed everything except for the case. Ran on different ram, changed the psu, nothing works. All the lights go out near the 24pin power its acting like software issue, but there's no software on anything, sometimes the Boot LED will stay on but probably cause im having nothing to boot. I had windows on dual samsung 960pro nvme drives in raid 0 with 1 TB. and all my storage on a different SSD. updated bios tried that. disconnected the m.2s tried that, disconnected all HHD and tried a sata. nope. It sees all the SSD and sata drives in bios fine.
It will not let me boot in uefi or legacy to anything, usb or dvd, tried about 6 of each of them. i had it booting uefi every blue moon from the OEM windows 10 64bit usb and tried to reinstall but it crashed twice and i cant get it to boot it anymore. Rolled back bios versions, tried the newest versions. right now the most stable seems like 1203. I can hit F8 and pull up my options but no matter what i go with it seems to start loading it, ill see like a windows logo or a ROG logo then BSOD, Kmode or IRQL or something similar) Ive tried Bios flashback via usb port and then updating via internet, Im running out of ideas. PLEASE HELP!!
Maximus ix
i7 7000k, 4.2
(4) Gskill TridentZ ram 8192mb 2133mhz ddr4*
*Corsair HX1200i PSU *(swapped to rule out)**
Gamerstorm case with water cooler
Windows 10 pro 64bit

Level 7
well my USB stick works fine on my other computer. installing windows on a spare sata on the other computer and then gonna put that drive in here just to try it.

The only thing i didn't try was to reseat the cpu but all the temps are good, i cant imagine that changing anything though. *

Put in the fresh install of windows 10 from my other computer and still BSOD. same crap.