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Maximus IX Regresses on Wifi

Level 7
Why did the 9 series boards drop Tri-band wifi in favor of dual band? This seems like a regression to me. Am I missing something? Tri-band was a great feature, especially when using your computer as a base station for others.

Level 13
Have to agree on this one, definitely did the back stroke here to older tech. There are laptops coming out of the box with better wireless.

When I saw two antenna connectors then looked at the specs the antenna stayed in the box and the radio disabled.

I instead chose to add a 4x4 PCIe card that trumps all of them with 2167 Mbps

This card paired with this router = faster than 1Gb wired

Add that to FIOS 300/300 and what you get in unreal! They go as high as 750/750 but when I can have 4 TVs streaming 4K and a housefull of visitors trying to max out the connection of the router and ISP and never succeeding its good enough and the 750/750 cant be justified for another $50/month

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