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Maximus IX Hero problems

Level 9
Hi there,

Hope someone here can help me.

In my old configuration I had Maximus V Gene and a i5 2300 processor, with a 6 months old 250GB SSD and a 3 mounts old power supply of 750w.
With my new system I swapped the SSD and Power supply . I brought:

Maximus Hero IX mainboard with a I7 7700k 4.2 processor and a new case (z9neo)

The problem is that the new system isn’t able to use Fast Startup. When I enable and save it into the bios the system restarts and comes in the bios again. Until now the only solution is to disable the Fast startup function.

I did several steps to solve this problem:

- Bios update to the latest version
- Mem test
- MRC on/off

I’ve send an email to Asus support, but without any response.

Maybe there is someone here who knows what to do. For now it’s such a pain in the a** to know that my 5 years old (almost vintage) system boots faster and is more compatible with the Windows 10 OS.

Remarkable, I saw similar problems with the Asus Hero VIII. Maybe it’s a old copy/paste bios software bug?

Level 15


My SSD had a wrong partition. It had a MBR partition which will used for older Windows systems. My SSD was running an a modern system (Maximus V Gene, W10 with fast boot enabled). So something somewhere went wrong.
With the software Parted Magic I was able to change the Partition to GPT, which is required for booting Windows systems in UEFI mode, and for use of the fast boot option.
So, if you have problems with the Fast Boot, check also if your partition is set to GPT.
If your Drive has a GPT partition you can always check the stuff below, which I got from the Asus support:

Advanced/PCH Storage configuration : Smart self test [Disabled]
thunderbold [Disabled]
fast boot [Enabled]
boot logo auto
post report 0
post delay 0
csm [Disabled]
memory timing option: MRC Fastboot [Enabled]

Hope this will help others with this kind of problems.

Level 15
A better solution would be to backup your data and do a fresh Windows 10 UEFI install. If you're using a previous copy of Windows, you're bound for instability given the huge difference in chipset between your previous motherboard and your new one.