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Maximus IX Hero Intel ME problem

Level 8
Hello, everyone!

There is a problem with my with Maximus IX Hero mobo.
After POST and BIOS logo I have an error message: (A7) ME FW Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock failed.
In Device Manager there is STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE near Intel Management Engine device.
And in system event logs there is "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver has failed to perform handshake with the Firmware (FWSTS0: 0x90302242, FWSTS1: 0x84100006)."

What I've tried so far:
- Installing different versions of drivers.
- Changing CSM and secure boot settings.
- Updating my BIOS to latest 0906 -> had to return back to 0801 because of startup problems on 0906.
- Checked the socket for bent pins - no bent pins.

Nothing helped. I've googled through all the internet and haven't found any direct solution to this problem. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

My PC specs:
Intel Core i7 7700k
Asus Maximus IX Hero motherboard
2x16Gb Kingston HyperX Predator 3000MHz
Asus ROG Strix Gaming GeForce GTX1080
WD Black 500Gb HDD
750W PSU
Windows 10 Pro x64
Default BIOS settings

Hi vrnsk

If you're not using AI Suite you can uninstall the MEI driver although you still shouldn't be getting an error with it.

Hi, Nate152,

I tried uninstalling the driver, but still got the same error.

If you did a UEFI windows install make sure "windows boot manager" is set as Boot Option 1.

Level 12
You should install these "latest version" Intel MEI drivers.

Nate 152, I checked BIOS boot section, WIndows Boot Manager is priority 1 (I don't even have any other option there).

chevell65, will try these drivers and report back.

Installed the drivers, still getting the same error.

Level 12
Happened on Z170 as well and appears to be MEI issue but no one seems to be posting resolutions.

Could be a bios flash issue or UEFI secure boot issue...

Update: I found a resolution that appears to have worked on Z170. Apparently the ME region needs to be re-flashed or else it can't read the MEI software.

Follow directions by Al Fizzle in this link.


Hello everyone, some updates:

- Tried reflashing BIOS, still the same.
- Tried flashing new ME firmware, got one from (v11.6.25.1229), created bootable USB-stick with Free-DOS, wasn't able to flash from Windows. The problem persists.
I have no idea what else to try. Maybe my mobo came with broken ME region or something...