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Maximus IX Hero + 7700k + SLI + Samsung 960 Pro PCIE

Level 7

I am mostly new to this. Maybe someone with much better understanding can explain a bit further.

I am planning on building a new PC based on the 7700K and the Maximus IX Hero mobo, but I had a question regarding PCIE lanes when it comes to SLI and Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD. I read some specs on the 7700K and saw that it only has 16 PCIE lanes. I am looking at running SLI which I assume will consume the majority of these PCIE lanes. From the little I gathered from the Samsung 960 Pro, it runs fastest in PCIE mode, which only leads me to believe that if I plan on running the Samsung 960 Pro in PCIE mode, plus an SLI setup, that will not work as there are not enough lanes.

Can someone please confirm or deny this? Am I missing something? Would in this case be a waste of a Samsung 960 Pro?

Thanks for any insight you guys can give.

It will work fine, you have 16 lanes on the CPU & 24 lanes on the Z270 chipset= 40 lanes, your GPU'S will run @ X 8 which leaves plenty of lanes for your storage however you want to set it up, M.2 or M.2 x2 in Raid ect ect, 😄

Level 8
KBL a total of 16 PCIe lanes 🙂
when You setting SLI configure would be x8+x8 share the bandwidth, however
Z270 PCH can provide x4 bandwidth for 960 pro, its enough lanes

Level 7
Thank you guys.