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Maximus IX Formula 7700k Slow post?

Level 7
recently I am experiencing what I THINK is a slow post on my new IX Formula board with 7700k processor and G.Skill TridentZ 4133 16GB ram kit. (also a 1080 GPU)
I am trying all AUTO settings in the bios except setting the RAM frequency to 3600 and 1.25V where it's stable.

Here is a 4x slow motion video of the Q code as I start (it starts immediately on button press). At around Q code 98 I see my screen finally post an image, which is 15 seconds.

Is this normal? It seems to wait the longest on RAM, and then a long pause after, going back to 00 a few times. ALSO the funny thing is it starts with the green BOOT light first .

I could have sworn this used to be faster! Is it a bad component?

Level 7
Ok I got the POST time down to ~8s and boot to WIn 10 to 14s. Looks like the main culprits were connected hard disks, USB devices and the RAM itself is slowing things down at 3600 vs 2133.


Level 15