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Maximus IX Extreme Monoblock Flow Meter questions.

Level 7
In AISuite3, the flowmeter on my monoblock shows about 800rpm. Does anyone have an idea what that converts to in flow rate, maybe in liters/minute?

AISuite3 show 2 different water flow values. There is a WATER_FLOW and a WATER_FLOW2. WATER_FLOW reports 800rpm. WATER_FLOW2 reports nothing. Is WATER_FLOW2 for an option/external flow meter or should it be reporting something?

Level 7
Hi,you're lucky to show something.
I can't show values either in AI Suite else in BIOS, but only at high speed. There is another thread, please search for monoblock.

I think spinning of the flow meter depends, how thigt the screws of monoblock are screwed. Possible there will be a little brake. My values at water pump highest speed are about 400 RPM an in BIOS about 9l/m.
Greets Bernd

Level 7
Mine shows 800RPM in AiSuite3. In BIOS it says 16 L/M. I don't know how that is even possible. My system has two pumps in serial at 6.8 L/M. Two of these,