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maximus ix code z270

Level 7
so this mobo has built in wifi antenna, im connected to my router over ethernet and over wifi at once, but i dont know how to aggregate those 2 connections for better lan speed, also on the product page it says i can connect to 2 wifi at once, but also i dont know how to do that, i dont want to download asus drivers cause my connection starts lagging cuz of it, and still i couldnt figure out how to do the thing i want in the drivers software

Nate152 wrote:
Hi Miecz

Is this what you're looking for ?

yes and no, i actually said this program increases my pings so bad, i cant use it, so something like this, but not this actual program which is just bad.

thanks, i will check it out!

/e ok it doesnt work as i thought it would, i still cant initiate my second wifi connection

yes i can read, this is tutorial if i had 2 separate wifi cards, as i said, windows doesnt see the second wifi, and guide from this page doesnt say what to do to make dual wifi card to be visible, also after another thought, this is a vpn, and i dont need one, and paying for one, guess theres no way other than this laggy asus soft

What about teaming with an ethernet cable and wifi, is the router/modem in the same room ?

What is your internet speed?

If you have 30Mb/s and above that's good enough for gaming, true downloads will take longer but you could skip teaming if Gamefirst IV is laggy for you. Or, if it's not too big of a deal you could reinstall windows and give it a try again with minimal programs.

Are you on the latest bios and MEI driver?

If you're able to use an ethernet cable, I could try GameFirst IV to see how it works for me, I never used it as I have 100 Mb/s download speed.

Explain a little more about the lag, do you mean fluctuation in download speed or whole system lag as in laggy mouse/games etc.. ?

Level 11
I believe teaming is only for 2 seperate connections, for instance; I have a gigabit fiber to home connection but to team with my NIC card I would need a seperate connection that is not from the same source. Also if I am not mistaken teaming is not possible with WIN10 but I may be wrong on that.

***Nevermind, it is possible with WIN10