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Maximus IX Code and multiple SATA and PCIE SSDs and HDDs

Level 7
Hello everyone! I want to make sure that I'm getting this right and then ask 2 questions.

I have a Maximus Code IX and 2 M.2 SSDs:

  • Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCIE 2280
  • Crucial MX500 M.2 SATA 2280.

I have 4 other SATA 2.5" SSDs. The only socket I can use to connect the Crucial MX500 is M.2_1 because is the only one that supports SATA. Obviously I have to use SATA mode for that socket and if I do that I lose SATA port 1. The other socket left only supports M.2 PCIE devices so I can't connect the crucial there so have to connect the 960 EVO on M.2_2. If I want full performance for that SSD I have to choose X4 mode on BIOS for that socket. If I do that, I lose SATA ports 5, 6. That left me with just 3 SATA ports and I need 4. Is that correct?

Now I have 2 other questions. Am I going to have the same performance for a PCIE M.2 SSD on both M.2_1 (x4 mode) and M.2_2(x4 mode)? For example, is the 960 EVO going to have the same performance no matter the socket I connect it?

Second question. If I have only 3 SATA ports, can I use a SATA - USB 3.0 Adapter to connect one SSD to the motherboard without losing performance (probably a Kingston A400 that is a low end SSD)?

Thanks in advance for all the help.