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Maximus IX Code - A little insight and delidded 7700k

Hello ROG guru's and newcomers alike.

ASUS has entered a new "Code" into their line of ROG motherboards. No not a digital code but the Maximus IX Code, it's a new ROG motherboard that falls between the Maximus IX Hero and Maximus IX Formula and after looking over the specs, you see it's a Maximus IX Formula in disguise.

I could make columns and list the specs but instead, take a minute and click the links and compare the specs side by side.

Maximus IX Code -

Maximus IX Formula -

While the specs are similar I notice four things the Maximus IX Formula has over the Maximus IX Code and they are:

1) EK Crosschill block - This likely helped cut cost on the Code by a good chunk.

2) Backplate - Minus this likely helped cut cost.

3) Motherboard Lighting - It would've been nice to see the ROG logo lit up on the Code but again this likely helped cut cost too. The Maximus IX Code has some RGB lighting of its own on the I/O panel, start and reset buttons, the Republic of Gamers in the middle of the board and supports Aura sync.

4) Integrated I/O panel - Not too big of a big deal. I can snap one in, in less than 10 seconds but don't get me wrong the integrated I/O panel on the Formula is a nice new thing, it makes the board look more as one. Besides the Formula's I/O panel being integrated, the Code's is identical as you saw in the specs.

Straight out of the box what caught my eye are what looks to be brushed aluminum vrm heatsinks, they give the whole board a heavy duty appearance while having a luxurious high performance expression. In other words they look sharp, literally. The board is all black with gunmetal, silver and white on certain places, because of this your RGB lighting won't be over shadowed by other colors. It's very appealing and I like the look of the new Maximus IX Code.

The Code has armor like the Formula too.


You get a nice assortment of accessories:

1 - User Manual
1 - I/O shield
4 - Sata III cables (2 with 90 degree ends)
1 - M.2 Screw Package
1 - M.2 Bracket
1 - CPU Installation Tool
1 - Motherboard driver DVD
1 - ASUS 2T2R dual band WiFi antennas (Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant)
1 - SLI Bridge (2-WAY-M)
1 - Q-Connector
1 - RGB extension cable
10 - Cable Labels
1 - Sheet of ROG stickers
1 - ROG Coaster

Some new features of Maximus IX (z270) over Maximus VIII (z170) are:

Upgraded Audio with Sonic Studio 3
Upgraded Aura with sync technology - A new and improved version of Aura with more effects and can sync your compatible RGB gpu, keyboard and mouse with the motherboard.
3D printing support
24 PCIe lanes vs. 20 with z170 - A big plus with two M.2 x4 slots.
Intel Optane technology - Support for the ultra fast optane ssd's.
USB 3.1 header - Nice, now I need to upgrade my case.

There are some new bios features as well with the Maximus IX series, I haven't been over it extensively but a couple that stand out are:

AVX Offset - This allows you to configure your cpu to run at a lower clock with programs that use AVX instructions.
ASUS Thermal Control Tool - This could be one of the most exciting new features as it can extend cpu overclocking by up to 300MHz.
BCLK aware adaptive voltage - This works with the BCLK and its main goal is to achieve higher clock stability, it integrates UEFI enhanced voltage regulation based on the currently active BCLK value.

So without further ado let's get the Maximus IX Code installed in the case.

My specs:

Case - Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000
Mobo - ROG Maximus IX Code
CPU - i7-7700k
GPU - ROG Strix GTX 1070
Memory - Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 3000MHz 15-15-15-35-2T
SSD - Toshiba OCZ VX500 256GB
HDD - W.D. Velociraptor 300GB
PSU - PCP&C Turbo Cool 1200w
Monitor - HP ZR30w
Windows 10 Home

Cooling is with the Swiftech Apogee GTZ cpu water block and Koolance ERM-2K3U liquid cooling unit. This is the fourth motherboard this cpu water block has been on and it's clean as a whistle inside, I credit this to Koolance coolant and Mayhems ultra clear plasticizer free tubing. I went with black chrome Monsoon chain gun fittings this time and I think they look good with the Maximus IX Code.

A few pics:


Now that you know my specs and cooling you're probably wondering, how well does the Maximus IX Code overclock the i7-7700k? Well being the enthusiasts we are I was wondering the same thing so let's give it a shot. I'm shooting for 5.0GHz which is the golden number with kabylake's i7-7700k. Raja wrote an in depth overclocking guide on kabylake, it's an excellent guide and I suggest reading it if you plan on overclocking.

Following Raja's guide, the Maximus IX Code easily pushes the i7-7700k to 5.0GHz, Real Temp isn't reading the load correctly so I'll use HWinfo from here on.


CPU Temps at 5.0GHz playing Watchdogs 2, what's impressive is the motherboard temp at 29c. With an ambient room temp of 76F that's quite chilly, I'm only liquid cooling the cpu everything else is air cooled. To me this shows the quality of ASUS components and craftsmanship of who puts them together.


In a nutshell the new "Code" ASUS entered is basically a Maximus IX Formula minus some bling. You get Formula performance, bios and overclocking features at a lower cost.

I'll be adding some videos and screen shots and may do some more overclocking, the new Aura lighting will be fun to play with too. If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to leave them, you're welcome to post pics and your overclocks too.
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Arne Saknussemm wrote:
Hard one to call...I had the same dilemma and concluded I wouldn't do it just to get temps into line....should be Intel who solders overclocking CPUs!

Those temps are OK for 5GHz stress testing anyway

A properly done delid can drop temps by up to 20 degrees or more on a KL, gaming at 5.0 or 5.2 doesn't gain you many FPS, but lower fan speeds on a heatsink or radiator equals a much more pleasant environment for pc use. I don't use headphones myself

Level 12
Those temps are pretty good for 5GHz if you ask me. Not close to thermal throttling there.

Hi chevelle65

Thanks man ! 🙂

Yeah I can see temps in the 60's, I'm at 1.312v for 5.0GHz which is very good but that core 2 is always running the warmest, I bet it was reading core 2 as the package temp in the video above.

So what do you think, have you ever delidded a cpu ? I think it might be worthwhile for me, I been eyein' up the Rockit 88 tool.

I never did it before but with this tool it's a safe way to do it, I'd like to hear some success stories.

Nice info and rig Nate152. Don't forget it also has heatplates on the mosFETs to works as heatsinks on the back of the board. This was a new feature for me upgrading from Sabertooth line. That and a standalone 2T2R MIMO wifi antenna alone is at least $100 US bones so this verse the HERO was no question the better deal as I only paid $280 US for mine. Board is killer.


Yeah it's a sweet board, I'm working on cpu temps as you can see. I posted in your ram thread about recording with shadowplay, does it have its own built in OSD ?

Your temps were great and your cpu usage wasn't maxing out.

Nate152 wrote:

Yeah it's a sweet board, I'm working on cpu temps as you can see. I posted in your ram thread about recording with shadowplay, does it have its own built in OSD ?

Your temps were great and your cpu usage wasn't maxing out.

No HT has alot to do with that, my response for shadowplay should have been posted.

Well now you give me something to test, I'll run the test with Hyperthreading off and see if there is any difference with core 2.

I'll double check ASUS Multicore Enhancement is disabled as well.

I'll do this then come back and check your post and run the test.

I want a 1080ti : ) ROG Strix : ) or should I wait on Vega, I have a feeling Vega is going to be good. Sounds good Nate152.

BTW: did you see the post from eTeknix on DDR5 yesterday?

No I sure didn't,

Here is the Realbench benchmark and with HT off, Multicore Enhancemant was disabled. Temps are alot lower, in fact core 2 is 15c lower for the maximum temp but it's still showing it's running the warmest.


does your front panel headphone out work?? mine did for 2 days then it stopped and now it just buzzes