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M.2_1 Socket 3 Configuration

Level 7
The documentation says that if M.2_1 is occupied then SATA 1 is disabled, but it doesn't say what happens to SATA 1 if you've configured M.2_1 as PCIe in bios. I'm assuming that configuring M.2_1 as PCIe means that SATA 1 ISN'T disabled, but can't find anything to specifically confirm that. Here's what I want: I already have 4 SATA and a NVMe in M.2_2, and was thinking about adding a second NVMe so that I can eliminate a couple of the installed SATA, but one of the ones I want to eliminate is in SATA 1 and I'd prefer to not move it.

Yes, only SATA is switched. PCIe can work simultaneously with SATA 1
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Level 7
Thanks for the clarification!!