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Keyboard and Mouse only working in bios

Level 7
I can't quite figure this one out. I've spent the last 6 hours or so troubleshooting and I've run out of ideas. I turned the computer off last night, and when I turned it back on today, I was getting no response from keyboard or mouse on the login screen. (Windows 10). Turned the computer off and went into the Bios, everything works like normal in there.

Trying to use safe mode didn't work, the keyboard and mouse only work in the Bios and the Windows Recovery mode, nowhere else. Once it gets close a full boot, they stop working. Keyboard lights turn off, mouse lights turn off, etc. Windows system restore fails half way through, Startup repair fails at 35%.

Bios version is 1205, tried to roll it back to a previous version but it tells me the "File is not a proper bios file."

Any ideas?