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Keyboard and mic problems

Level 7
Hi, i have some frustrating problems with my keyboard and mic(related). Sometimes when i turn on my pc the keyboard types multiple letters like sssss ggggg and so on , or missing letters when typing. Also when i want to delete some letters it deletes all. Always when i have this problem, my mic from hyperx cloud2 has a huge continnuous background noise so my friends cant hear my voice behind that noise, but the sound in headset is ok.

Here is keyboard behavior:
"Hello, this is my keyboard" -types ok
"Hllllo thi isssss y keeeeboaddd" -problem

Sometimes it works ok and i have no problems, sometimes not. Restarting/reseting the computer does not repair the problem.
I have a cheap keyboard and is not broken because i change it with another one and still have the same problem

Things i have tryied:
Changing keyboard
Updating windows
Updating all drivers from cd/website
Updating bios
Play with keyboard repeat delay and all that
Changing usb ports (I/O and case ports)
And some other things that i dont remember for the momment.

My Pc specs:
Asus strix z270e
I7 7700k
8gb ram 3000mhz
250gb ssd
Gtx 1080ti
Superflower leadex2 650w
Windows10 pro

Also it seems like the problems occures even when pc is on, after few hours of inactivity (not entering in sleep mode because i disabled that option and set to high performance in power management) but problems remain after restarting pc.

Thanks. Have a nice day!