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IX Hero will not boot gpt drive

Level 7
IX hero, 7700k, geforce 970

Ive tried basically everything and this thing wont boot gpt drives. as soon as I turn csm off and try to boot a gpt drive the motherboard just goes back into the bios. I converted an mbr drive to gpt using mbr2gpt and nothing. I formatted a usb stick with the uefi option in rufus and that wont boot either. I used the windows media creation tool with windows 11 and no boot. All 3 drives boot fine in my prime z590 so that means the drive formats are fine.

Things Ive tried:

clear cmos
flashed the 3 previous bioses
moved the 2 sticks of ram around
used only the onboard video card
different usb slots
choosing the drive to boot directly in the bios which just flashes for a second and then goes back to the same screen

mbr drives work perfectly fine in legacy mode and in use daily for the past 4 years, but gpt in uefi? nothing

Do I just have a bad board?