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IX Code - Random shutdown on load.

Level 7
I'm trying to diagnose a problem I'm having with my new setup, whenever the system is under heavy load (games mostly) my system will randomly shut off. I say randomly because It doesn't seem to be related to temperature loads, it could happen after 5 minutes, possibly after half an hour or more.

At first my thinking was that I was running hot enough that the "7700k temperature spike issue" was causing one core to suddenly shoot over the maximum and the system emergency shuts down, so I delidded the CPU and removed my overclock for the time being. Now when running say OCCT, I never see any core go over ~70C, so I don't think it's heat related, also the games I'm seeing this happen in don't put nearly so much stress on the CPU.

Any thoughts as to further troubleshooting steps? I don't want to RMA until I've ruled everything else out.

Relevant System Specs

Intel 7700K
Maximus IX Code
32 GB G.Skill (2x16)
Amd Fury X
Corsair H100i GTX
Thermaltake Toughpower 1000w

Hi brandorf

I would suspect one of two things, either your psu or ram instability.

Try setting your ram manually instead of using XMP and raise the cpu system agent and cpu vccio voltages a little.

CPU System Agent voltage anywhere from 1.15v - 1.25v
CPU VCCIO voltage anywhere from 1.15v - 1.25v

Give this a try and see how it goes.

If you have another gpu to test with you could try that too.

I originally suspected the PSU as well, I had a Toughpower 850, I ran all my system components through one of those calculator websites and got a number pretty close to that, considering that PSU was over two years old, I considered that capacitor ageing might be an issue. So that PSU is less than a month old at this point, so unless it's defective I'll rule that out.

I've already bumped the agent and VCCIO voltage as recommended by the kaby lake overclocking guild. I'll switch off XMP and key in all the timings manually and see where that gets me.

All right sounds good, if that doesn't help try another gpu if you have one.

Here's today's results.

Again, we're just running OCCT's "Power Supply" Stress test until it fails. No blue screen happens the system just shuts off. The only event captured in windows event log is Kernel-Power.

RAM - Turned off XMP, ran the RAM at the "stock" 2300 (or whatever the SPD said, just set everything to auto). FAIL
PSU - Grabbed a spare 750w psu and just started it, set it up so it was providing the two 8-pin connectors for the GPU. FAIL
GPU - Removed GPU, enabled the iGPU. FAIL.

CPU was replaced itself recently. We're going to assume it's fine. Passes the intel diagnostic tests as well.

The only thing that really leaves is the motherboard, I would recommend contacting ASUS Support and see what they suggest, they may have you do an RMA.

Level 7
Thanks for the extra things to try. I do have an RMA started. But since they weren't going to get back to me until tomorrow I figured we'd try a few more things first.

All right

Let us know how it goes when you get your replacement motherboard.

I have the same problem in a system with the following specs:
Rog Strix Z270E motherboard
Intel i7 7700K
16GB Corsair DDR4-3200
Nvidia GTX1070
Coolermaster MasterLiquid Pro 240
Coolermaster B series 700W
OC enabled with the bios tuning wizard

The cores temperatures were normal when I got the random shutdowns and that always happened when I was gaming. I reverted to the default settings in the BIOS and then I re-enabled the OC mode because the system shut down randomly anyway.
Luckly it doesn't happen too often.

BIOS version is 0906, but I don't know if that's the problem (I surely hope so).

Hi dani.arde

The first thing I suspect with shutdowns is the psu but isn't always the cause, try running your system at default settings and see if it still happens.