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Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel-SA-00086)

Level 8
Are we going to be able to get a BIOS/firmware update for this vulnerability? I realize our boards are ~2 years old at this point, but it's a pain point to continue to deal with Intel's Management Engine on essentially every product on the market.


I don't expect a fix to be released already, as this was last released/updated just over a week ago, but it'd be nice to know we can expect to see something in the future. Thanks for your time.

EDIT: Intel left this link, but i'm not able to make much sense of it (not to mention it's also, nearly two years old):

Level 8
I actually allow for Intel Driver & Support Assistant to try and keep things tidy, so we're typically informed while these patches and various mitigations are being put into place, but it's brutal to be left in a huge black VOID with zero firmware assistance from the product manufacturer. Intel specifically directs us here to get fixes and patches for these critical vulnerabilities. OOF.

@Elkmar posted some options to try above, there's a community member who has released their own custom motherboard firmware, i believe. This is obviously somewhat risky, but I'm still considering it. Further information can be found in the full thread that was shared with Elkar's original reply: