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HELP - BIOS not detecting GPU - Maximus ix hero

Level 7
Hi, I'm new to the forums and hoping someone can help me. I decided to upgrade my pc but the BIOS was not detecting the graphic card. Did some tests and concluded it was the mobo, so I switched it for a new one. Now I'm getting the same problem I did with the previous mobo and don't know what else I can do. Here is rundown of things I have tried:

Tested gpu in old pc - works
Tested gpu in both slots - not working
Clear cmos (with button and removing battery) - not working
Flashback updated bios - not working

PC List:
CPU - i7 7700k
GPU - 1080 ti
Motherboard - maximus ix hero
RAM - corsair vengence
PSU - evga 850 g3

Level 15

It's not, here are the specs of my old pc:

motherboard - asus hero III
cpu - intel i7 4790k
ram -8g corsair vengence
gpu - gtx 780
psu - corsair rm650

I don't think its the power supply since I switched the g3 to the rm650 and everything works. In BIOS tools under Graphic Card Information the gpu is not showing up, just states there is no VGA card. If I go to System Agent Configuration then PEG Port configuration, it saying somethings in the x16/8x but is running at x0. Same thing if I switch it to the 8x slot.

Just to test everything I threw the GPU into the x4_3 slot and BIOS found it. There's something up with the x16/x8 slots.

Level 15
Remove your CPU and check the socket for any bent or missing pins. When reinstalling everything, make sure not to overtighten the screws for your heatsink. Then clear your CMOs and test your system at stock defaults.

I checked for any bent pins but I'm no expert on that. Didn't look like any were and the CPU had contact marks on all of its spots. Tryed again to the same problem. I loosended the heat sink so it just sat on the CPU but also didn't work. I've already replaced the mobo so is it a faulty CPU?

Hi whyyounowork

If you got a replacement and are sure there are no bent pins, as you're questioning I'd lean towards the cpu too.

Did it have the same behavior with the previous board ?

Yes Nate152,

Was the same issue on the other motherboard. I switched the mobo first since they are the usual culprits when everything else works. Since it was happening on the second one as well I wanted to make sure it wasn't me.

Well, if your gpu works in another pc and your replacement board is acting the same it's sure looking like it's the cpu, I can't see you getting two boards with the same problem.

I don't know if ram instability would cause that, you cleared the cmos which resets the bios to defaults so it's likely not the ram.

You could try reseating the gpu and make sure it's fully seated and clicked into place with the pcie clip. Double check the pcie power cables are fully connected into place.

It's strange it happened all of a sudden after a bios update and now same behavior with the second board. If the psu is 100% working then I'm staring pretty hard at the cpu. You could try flashing the bios to see if it would help, it sounds like you know what you're doing if you're able to enter the bios after updating it.

Is the motherboard giving an unusual code ?

Level 15
As a last resort, you can try testing your system outside the case. Use the motherboard cardboard box as a test bench and use the bare minimum to get the system started.