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[HELP] ASUS MAXIMUS HERO IX + GTX 1080 FTW not running PCI-E x16

Level 7
GPU-Z is saying my GTX 1080 FTWs Bus Interface is "PCIe x16 3.0 @ x8 3.0" and I've tried to run the "render test" and/or games but GPU-Z will never show anything different. I have my graphics card installed in the very most top PCI-E x16 slot of my motherboard, which should be running @ x16 configuration (I've triple checked my mobos manual). I have no other devices plugged into any of my expansion slots. I have a 2.5" SSD in port 1 on Sata 3.0, 2 HDDs plugged into port 2-3, and 1 Blu-ray Drive plugged into port 4. I have the most current up date bios on my mobo as of today's date, which is version 0906. My graphics card should have the latest bios revision as well, I'm running on Slave bios revision 86.04.3B.01.82

I know x8 and x16 isn't that much of a difference if any, however, just to keep my sanity, I want to be able to hit that x16. Thanks in advanced!

PS- I've also checked around my UEFI settings and wasn't able to find much. Things related to PEG/IGPU are on auto, so I don't think I messed around with any settings to affect the card running @ x8.

Chino wrote:
Try reseating your GPU.

I've done that as well. No luck. Thanks 🙂

Level 15

Chino wrote:
Remove your system from the case and test it on top of the cardboard motherboard box. Use the bare minimum.

I've tried that and I still get the same results. Windows is on max performance mode as well. I don't know if it's the mobo or the gfx card. I think I have a GTX 970 FTW somewhere around here that I can test to see if I can even get PCI-E x16 on that. Not sure what else to do besides trying to get another gfx card to test. I don't really want to install that card if I don't really have to.. 😞 Oh well.

UPDATE - I installed my old GTX 970 FTW and I get the same results. Cleaned out old drivers and installed new drivers when switched the graphics cards out. I saw another post on the forum with someone having similar issues with their IX series motherboard not achieving x16.