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Has anyone ever found a properly designed 3d printable I/O Cover for the Z270G Gaming

Level 8
It just chaps me to no end I purchased this board because they offered the ability to print the I/O cover to hide the ugly silver boxes yet the design was total junk to where they made the lower mounting point internal instead of external so it blocks the main PCI-E lane up top. I'm now sourcing a dead Z270E/G board to rob the cover from it, cut the tabs on the bottom off, and use double sided tape or velcro to attach it since those boards have the pci-e lane open with the cover.

The thing that gets me the most is no matter how you attempt to contact Asus about the improper design they never respond. They pay no attention to their own shapeways page where they attempt to sell the joke of a cover, support through asus doesn't message back, chat basically acts like they have no idea what your talking about. I've spent a ton of money over the years on their motherboards supporting them but they turn a blind eye when the customer comes asking about something. It's completely poor service. Don't get me going on the RMA shenanegans I've had with them either.

I just wish they would make it right in their cover design but as always they just move onto the next gen of devices and ignore the past. Don't think I didn't try contacting them shortly after this board was released either. I'm not coming into the game with the Z270 series now lol I've had this board for a good while now I'm just to the point I'm tired of seeing the ugly I/O area and I'm going to correct it the best way I can since no one has probably redesigned Asus's cover or made their own available. 😕

Level 14
ASUS doesn't give you much variety to work from, and some of their templates are known to be flawed.

The sad truth is that if you want anything specific that ASUS didn't provide then you'll have to design or modify the part template yourself. This niche hasn't engaged enough ASUS/ROG enthusiasts to move beyond a few meager ASUS offerings.

ASUS customer support, tech support, and RMAs have always been extremely hit-or-miss ... some customers treated like royalty, others ignored or dismissed or forced to endure fiascos. If your experience/expectations with ASUS have always been negative then just move forward to solutions found at non-ASUS sources.
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Level 8
Well after nearly a month of current bantering Let's not count the past year and a half of varying messages to Asus and their Shapeways contact system. It seems progress quite possibly be progressing on getting the design corrected to where it is usable. This is taken from a supervisor response today:

"Your case was escalated to our engineers who advised that The earliest that we can correct the file is the 26th of June."