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Extreme IX monoblock water flow meter not working

Level 7
It seems the water flow meter is not producing readings from either bios nor ai suite.

Anyone else experienced this or is my monoblock just broken?

no - why i should do that?

why i have to connect the waterflow of my extern cooling solution to the Motherboard?

that wheel is not turning and the flow sensor gives no information!

i think i found it...

just restarted the build complete and found a manufacturing error at the monoblock. the water zone cable was trapped between the covers of the monoblock. looks like the wire is broken there...

any Asus Team Member around here? I've made some pictures :cool:
Or would it be better to use the RMA area to exchange the monoblock

I also have a board asus maximus ix extreme but it does not read flow sensor readings. nor of the sensor of the monobloke nor of the a factory defect of this boad ?.
I already did all the technical tests

Same problems here. Initially the flow meter would spin only when I had my D5 turned up to 80% or greater, but after a few months of use it no longer spins at all.

Level 9
Hello FiveFinger, I recommend you to RMA the monoblock/motherboard, they will swap it for you.

It seems as though I'm having the same issue. Can confirm it's plugged in correctly. Can see water in/out temps and LEDs but the flow meter isn't spinning. Also wondering if the LEDs were supposed to be quite dim - can barely see them. Much brighter in the youtube videos I've seen unless that was for show purposes. Should I RMA the block?

Hi JayQT,

i have already returned the complete mainboard. My seller wants a complete exchange instead of only changing the monoblock.
I also think this is the best way to avoid any other issues regarding manufacturing errors.

Nevertheless, mainboard is realy awesome and i hope i will get one back asap :cool:

Greetz Five

FiveFinger, thanks for the reply. I took my loop apart and fiddled around with it a little bit. To my surprise it's now functioning properly although the LED in the block is still dim compared to what I've seen. Now I wanted to know if anybody is experiencing a new "issue" which is the flow meter making a constant clicking noise as I've experienced with other loose flow meters in the past. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers

guys - It is really annoying...

today i got my new one after RMA the first. Just unpacked to check the monoblock and hey "look at this, the water zone cable"
pinched again!!!!!!!!!

quite disappointing for a mainboard called "extreme"
extremly disappointing. i have no desire to build my setup again.

just phoned the seller, told me to retun it again - ha, really?

any suggestions from u?

Level 9
Does it still work when it is pinched? So sorry about your build. Did you try RMA to Asus instead of the reseller? I think you will have better luck