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Dual interconnect between MAC and PHY?

Level 14
When using the "Product Comparison" tool on the ASUS (Motherboard) Product pages, the ROG STRIX Z270H GAMING mobo specs show (in the LAN section) that it provides "Dual interconnect between the Integrated Media Access Controller (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY)".

No other ASUS Z270 (PRIME, STRIX, MAXIMUS, TUF, or WS) motherboard mentions a "dual interconnect" on this comparison.
The ROG STRIX Z270H GAMING motherboard product page doesn't explain this "dual interconnect" feature.
Raja's EDGE UP guide for Z270 motherboards doesn't mention "dual interconnect" (or Z270H) anywhere.

My googles show that nobody seems to really know what "dual interconnect MAC and PHY" really means or really does. I understand what the MAC and PHY are but not how a direct hardware link between them could be implemented or what it is meant to accomplish. Some people speculate that it's some kind of hardware optimization for combining/merging bandwidths (or for reducing latencies) across/between multiple network ports.
But the Z270H has one RJ45 LAN port (for one Intel I219V), no other LAN ports, and no WLAN (WiFi or BT) hardware.

So what exactly is this dual interconnect hardware feature, what does it do, what advantage can it provide over non-interconnected hardware?

Is this a real hardware spec or a (mistranslated?) piece of marketing fluff?

Edit: As an aside, I notice a lot of inconsistencies in the motherboard spec/comparison entries. Sometimes details are included, sometimes they're not, often they're ordered differently or otherwise offset from each other. It makes direct side-by-side comparisons somewhat cumbersome. I think somebody at ASUS should clean the ASUS website up a little for consistency, lol, at least for current products. Not mentioning any names, but certain competitor websites are far more slick and professional in this regard.

Do I get a Maximus Code or a Strix Z270E or Strix Z270H or a TUF Mark 1 ... not an easy decision, lol.
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Dual must be better than single, right?:D
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Level 14
I've noticed this "dual interconnect MAC and PHY" specification in all the PRIME, MAXIMUS IX, STRIX, and TUF User Manuals. It seems you get it regardless which ASUS Z270 mobo you select.

The Code is more appealing to me but the constrained chassis for this build won't fit the "armor" plate. And it's not a very pretty mobo with the armor peeled off, lol, the Strix would look much better through the window. I doubt most of the additional hardware features or better overclocking capability on the Code would be used, at least not used enough to justify the added expense. The Code does offer better audio, really the only point I'm still weighing ... a dedicated (internal or external) audio device would offer a lot more for similar cost. (Not my computer, just one I'm putting together for someone to give to his son.)
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams