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Disable integrated graphics? 7700k ROG Maximus IX HERO

Level 7
Hey guys,

I'm doing a new 7700k build on a Maximus IX Hero, and I've been just using the integrated Intel graphics during the setup. I have a 1080 that I'll be putting there.

I generally disable any feature I don't intend to use ( on-board sound etc). I realize the integrated graphics are on the chip and not the board, but I didn't see anywhere in the BIOS where I could disable the integrated graphics. Is this even possible, or are the integrated graphics always enabled, regardless if you have a 3rd party card in there?

Thank you,


Level 7
I just finished a Maximuz IX Hero build myself. I7 7700k also. In Bios go to Advanced tab/ System Agent Configuration/ Graphics Configuration and change Primary Display to PEG which is PCI Express Graphics and you should be good.

Level 14
You can disable, enable in the bios as above, also if you install a dedicated GPU and only have the monitor connected to the dedicated GPU the bios will automatically disable the iGPU, if you connect a second monitor to the motherboard it will automatically discover this and enable the iGPU

Thanks guys. I'll test it out once I put the 1080 in there. I pulled it from the old box, and I'm taking this opportunity to add the 'optional' thermal pads to it (EVGA) , while it's out. :rolleyes: