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Cpu tweaking and cooling

Level 11

I just bought a new pc and need some info, also to refresh my memory in bios regarding cpu tweaking.


Maximus IX formula
G skill 3200 mhz ram 32 gb trident z
Sli 970 gtx Gigabyte
seasonic 1200 w psu
Several harddrives ssd
Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler with 2 fans


Using cpu z my cpu starts up from fresh boot shiwing 800 ish mhz and eventualy jumps up to 4.2 ish or 4.5 because i use balanced power saving modes.
But it looks like as soon im moving the mouse then the cpu goes up from 1.2 ghz ish to 4.0 ghz looks like its jumping alot up and down in ghz. Rather then keeping a steady flow or something..i sthi snormal or do i need to disable/enable something in bios under cpu tweaking ?`


Me and my friend compared our cpu cooling. Im using air and he use water with Deepcool Captain 360 EX.
My friend gets like 28-30 in real temp and we have same cpu an di get like 35-38 both idle loads and he get 55 ish under prime load. I get like 68-70 in prime loads.

So im tempted to also buy a water cooler of som esort, but i dont know what to choose or pick. Im looking for something realy good.
No matter the price. Can anyone link me the best water cooler ? I heard its from corsair.

Hi Psycrow

With the windows power plan set to balanced your cpu will ramp up according to load, there is nothing to adjust unless you want your cpu to run constantly at 4.5GHz then set the windows power plan to high performance.

The Noctua NH-D15s is one of the best air coolers and out performs some of the AIO liquid coolers.

Before recommending you a cooler we need to know your case.

Level 11
Maybe its not worth the money ? since i dont wanna OC the cpu anymore then the 4.5 it allready boost with