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[BUG] AUDIO POPPING - Windows 10 1803 - ASUS Sonic Studio Driver Issue [FIX Found]

Level 8
Hi there,

Since I've updated to Windows 10 1803 build, there's an awful popping and distorted sound. I tried to reinstall ASUS' Audio Driver with Sonic Studio, and it would go on popping.

But I've made a discovery: If I uninstall ASUS' driver, and install latest driver from Realtek (ver, the popping is gone. Totally. But there's a dilemma: If I update driver to Realtek's latest version, I lose Sonic Suite. I can't install it, since it searches for an specific driver version.

Please ASUS, update your Sonic Suite Driver, or allow it to work with other driver versions from Realtek's. Not having a proper equalizer for SupremeFX without Sonic Suite is just ridiculous.

Level 11
Consider copying this or moving this or adding a separate thread to the ASUS SOFTWARE section. (for Sonic Suite)

Level 7
I have a similar problem. Where did you get those drivers from ?

Level 11
Rog formula boards have had popping issues all the way back to the M5F and probably before. Theres been several promises by Asus to fix these issues but never happened. I think it was the 8 that they claimed it was resolved but my 9 is rice crispies too!
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Level 8
WhiteNoise wrote:
I have a similar problem. Where did you get those drivers from ?

From Station Drivers, but you can get it from Realtek's website. It's not a matter of the version of the driver. It's Sonic Studio. It's broken, for several users, and for several chipsets. So If you have popping issues, give this a try:

1-Head to Realtek's website
2-Download the latest audio driver
3-Let it uninstall your previous driver, let it reboot, then autoinstall will pop up.
4-You're done. Give it a try and check if there's more popping.

Level 7
Thanks I just went with old hacked style Sound Blaster Drivers I found Till ASUS/REALTEK get SONIC STUDIOIII working again. I have all the features i had but sonic studio was a tad more robust lol.. I figured it would work if you guys were having success moving to a older branch of realtek software. Has anyone tried older sonic studio/RT drivers see if the work better than latest supplied?

Thanks again for starting the thread glad I'm not the only one having issues.. Asus told me to send my board in for repair.. No thanks. 😃