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BIOS reports a GPU running at "x0"?

Level 7
I wanted to test a card to see if it's working or not. I have a Maximus IX Hero. In my main GPU slot I have a GTX 1080 normally running at PCIE x16.

So I put the card to test (R9 290) in the second big PCIE slot (x8). BIOS then shows that first slot is running now at x8 and second slot... at x0.

What does x0 mean? That a card is in the slot and automatically forced first card from x16 to x8 but second card is dead?

Windows just shows first card as running in x8, and no sign of second card at all.

This card (R9 290) ran for an hour or so in my other system, a Maximus IV Gene-Z, before the board suddenly stopped recognizing it so I wanted to test to see if it was the card that had died.

Does this confirm the card is dead?

If so, can a motherboard or PSU or any such component cause the card to die? My current GTX 1080 ran in that Maximus IV Gene-Z for a month without issues prior to putting it in this new system.

(Edit, FWIW, I have a separate PCIE cable running from PSU to the card (PSU is AX760) and the card's fans/LEDs light up)

Level 15