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Disable integrated graphics? 7700k ROG Maximus IX HERO

Hey guys,I'm doing a new 7700k build on a Maximus IX Hero, and I've been just using the integrated Intel graphics during the setup. I have a 1080 that I'll be putting there. I generally disable any feature I don't intend to use ( on-board sound...

RedLir by Level 7
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Why Z270E has no Q-CODE and RESET/START buttons?

As this is a premium board why these features are missing as they are standard things these days?Really would like to know, do I really have e to pay 100-150 EUROS more for some cheap standard things such as an LED and 2 buttons?

yapito by Level 7
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Strix Z270I Gaming MIA?

So I have already got my self a Maximus IX Code and love it. Thank you Asus and the ROG team. But I can not find the mini monster anywhere.. Strix Z270I GamingThis MB will be my 24/7 machine but only issues is. I can't find it anywhere.Question is.. ...


I have an issue with Sleep on ASUS iX formula Z270Black screen after wakeup from sleep.I need the right setting for bios anyone Help ? hav made sleep setting in bios to get fast wake.My HWASUS iX formulaM.2 Samsung 950 pro M.2_1NVMe SSD600 M.2_2 BOOT...

Anyone else have issues with Legacy USB devices enabled?

On my 270e I was getting BSODs once I got into Windows, memory management, system_pte misuse. I tracked it down after some Googling to maybe having my external hard drive attached. This is pretty odd behavior I think, I never had to disable that sett...

I finally got one

I did one build before, i7 Sandy bridge on an Asus board. When I was done I seen a ROG board, I so wanted one. Well now I do. ROG Maximus IX HeroROG Strix Geforce GTX 1070 OCCorsair H115i CPU cooleri7-7700KCrucial 525GB M.2 SSDCorsair Dominator Plati...

Maximus IX Hero issue with Samsung 960 EVO M.2

Is anyone using the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 with the Asus Maximus IX Hero?I have 2 of the 500GB installed on the motherboard but neither of them are recognized by the Samsung MVM Driver or the Samsung Magician software.They seem to be functioning fine bu...

goroth by Level 7
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Help! New computer won't boot after changing BIOS setting

So I set up a pc with the Asus ROG Maximus IX Formula. I turned it on, everything was going fine in settings. I did an auto tune overclock, saved and restarted, was fine. I changed M.2 from Auto to PCI mode and x4. Restarted, and now I can no longer ...

FDSage by Level 10
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Maximus IX Hero problems

Hi there,Hope someone here can help me.In my old configuration I had Maximus V Gene and a i5 2300 processor, with a 6 months old 250GB SSD and a 3 mounts old power supply of 750w.With my new system I swapped the SSD and Power supply . I brought:Maxim...

Z270 Maximus IX Hero - Windows forcing old Intel Ethernet I219-V driver

I was so fed up of this behavior that I upgraded to ASUS Z270 Maximux IX Hero (From Z170 Ranger). Stock Bios 0503 did not make Windows 10 to force install this old driver. But After updating to it's latest BIOS 0701, Windows is again shoving 12.13.17...

d5aqoep by Level 8
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