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Z270G + Intel 750 Pcie AIC?

Simple question for anyone that may know. Running a z270g with a gpu and the intel 750 pcie add-in-card ssd, will the gpu run at x16 or will it step down to x8?

axiumone by Level 10
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Maximus IX Formula - WiFi drivers problems/cannot use adapter

Hey folks,I bought a Maximus IX Formula about two weeks ago and so far my motherboard's ethernet port works just fine but wireless does not. I've already installed ALL drivers on the disk and website to no avail. Installing them just lets me use the ...

Kaby Lake i7-7700K power efficiency...

KBL is very power efficient. Small FFT load of the latest Prime with AVX, using ~1.35Vcore and 5GHz CPU freq with DDR4-4000 on the memory...Sub 150W. SKL pulls more current than this at 4.7GHz.

Raja by Level 13
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Maximus IX Hero won't start after Bios update

Hi community,a couple of days ago I got my IX Hero board and built a new system with it.So far so good, everything seemed to be in order, installed windows on it an so on.Then the AI Suite suggested that I upgrade to a new Bios, which I unfortunately...

Asus Z270 prices in Europe

Asus Z270 prices in Europe are out of control i mean a Hero board is selling here in Europe for 280€ to 330€ euros where the normal price should be 230€ I know this might not have any thing to do directly with ASUS but why is happening

Mentas by Level 7
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No signal problem again...

So I've been using my PC for over a day now. Decided to turn the XMP profile for the RAM. Windows started up fine after that. Later, after restarting Windows, the signal did not come back on. I'm not sure Windows even booted up in the background. I'm...

FDSage by Level 10
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Maximus IX Code light not working (solved)

Hi,Got Maximus IX Code a couple of days ago.Everything is working fine except for the light of the ROG logo.I have tried the different light modes in bios and even Asus aura in windows.Does it have a connection cable that could have popped out or som...

Z270 Deluxe

Could anyone please let me know that if there is a chance that ASUS will release Z270-Deluxe just as ASUS released for Z170. if yes then what's the expected release date?Many Thanks.Sam

Maximus IX Hero, no PCIE SSD support?!

When selecting Intel RST as the storage controller, the motherboard no longer picks up a PCIE SSD in the third x16 (PCIE_x4) slot.It is detected perfectly if the PCIE SSD is inserted in PCIE x16 slots 1 and 2, or slot 3 only if AHCI is selected as th...