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Maximus IX Hero + 7700k + SLI + Samsung 960 Pro PCIE

Hi,I am mostly new to this. Maybe someone with much better understanding can explain a bit further.I am planning on building a new PC based on the 7700K and the Maximus IX Hero mobo, but I had a question regarding PCIE lanes when it comes to SLI and ...

BeltFed by Level 7
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Help! Srial number

Dear users.I was checking to add my IX Hero to my profile in asus.com to make the registration of my board. The serial number is on the top where is the led strip connector right? I am asking these since i check my box and does not match.My box said...

Corsair Link - Maximus IX code/Hero/Formula

I have*the*Maximus ix Code & the Corsair H110i GT. I can't*get Corsair Link to show my case fans (they are in cha1, cha2, cha3). I've tried a few things in the BIOS but so far nothing*has worked: 1. Turning off Qfan control - nothing 2. Setting Qfan ...

Bescrawl by Level 7
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Sonic Studio 3 effects doesn't work via Bluetooth

Hi, I'm a happy owner of Maximus IX Hero and I love listening music.My PC is connected to soundbar via Toslink, and Sonic Studio 3 enhancements effects work well. But I'd like that SS3 enhancements effects were working via Bluetooth too... Because ac...

SMits by Level 7
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Aisuite crash

AI Suite III exeHeap Corruption Detected. after normal block(#233)at0x1158CF18CRT detected that the Apllication wrote to memory after end of heap bufferIt is buffer overflow bug?

qwertz by Level 9
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Keyboard Led On with PC Off

HiToday I realized that the new keyboard cmstorm usb the leds if I press any button to pc off. I think is the usb Z270f to release some power with pc is off. I confirmed that it is so? I can turn this feature off from the bios?

Asus Strix Z270F and i5 7600K reboot issue.

Hey all,I'm pretty much outta ideas and I need help from the community.I just bought a Asus Strix Z270F mobo, with a Kaby Lake i5-7600K.Cooler is a Deepcool Malestorm 240 AIO, with a 2 x 8gb Crucial Ballistix LT Sport, Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD 256gb, S...

Madgic by Level 7
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Hello am Niko and i got a problem whit my Mobo and Gpu.I instal my windows 7 64 bit and evrithyng is good but in the device manager i cant see my gpu just the mobo gpu.When try to instal driver it says amd software stops working.When the windows star...

Maximus IX Hero won't boot with more than 2 sticks of RAM

Greetings,Just put together a new build, and I'm having a bit of trouble getting it squared away.For some reason I can't quite figure out, my system won't boot with more than 2 sticks of RAM. As soon as I place anything into the black slots, the syst...

Valethar by Level 8
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Ramm code 55 plx help

My new maximus IX and these ramm F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR are giving me code 55 an di tryed mem ok botton and it dident help...When i install 2 ramm mosules in Dimm b1 + B2 thej bios boots up and shows 16 gb..all ram modules works fine since i tested em ea...

Psycrow by Level 11
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