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Continuous beeping at random

Hey guys,I have a maximus ix code which beeps continuously at random in windows and sometimes in bios. My build is:1. I7 7700k2. Corsair h110i gtx cpu cooler3. Water cooled 1080 gpu4. 2 x 16gb ram sticks *Things I have tried to resolve it:1. Made sur...

BIOS stuck in QCode 'A2'

I have a Maximus IX Apex that will not boot anymore. I dismantled my system to change my SSD & HDD, & also to clean the dust out of my system. and now after putting back everything, the motherboard gets stuck at A2 Q_Code, which means IDE Detect. So ...

Roasted USB on Maximus IX Formula

Hey, I have an middle catastrophic issue with my MB.My wife plugged in an external DVD Drive and used the wrong power adaptor and gave 12 Volts to the USB circuit.The PC shut down and after a restart did all USB slots were a device was logged in no l...

Ryu83 by Level 7
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Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel-SA-00086)

Are we going to be able to get a BIOS/firmware update for this vulnerability? I realize our boards are ~2 years old at this point, but it's a pain point to continue to deal with Intel's Management Engine on essentially every product on the market.I ...

peatrick by Level 8
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Maximus IX Hera + AI Suite III

System: Windows 1909, i7, 32GB RAM, nVidia 1660TIAI Suite III won't install, always error messages. Where can I find an actual/updated version of AI-Suite III which will istall correctly under 1909? The support area contains only outdated versions fü...

ROG MAXIMUS IX CODE PC Freeze 5-6 Seconds

Hello & thanks for any help in advanced.Man issue as stated in title my PC will completely lock up and freeze on me.. I've noticed it happen while watching YouTube & or gaming. I have made sure all my drivers are up to date including Nvidia's drivers...

does the apex ix have 7.1 sourround ?

pretty confused and new to this , I was told by asus support after having read somewhere that the board lacks the audio the rest of the line does becuse its an OC board , that it only came with stereo sound. I just made another post asking how to add...

IX Hero & Z170-A Input Lag

Hey everyone! I've been trying to figure out what's causing input lag issues on my PC. I'm a competitive Overwatch player that's been just shy of the top500 because of this issue and its beginning to frustrate me. I originally had a Z170-A with a 670...

0mirage by Level 7
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Z270E Sound Glitch

Hello,I post here because my pc has problems with sound that I can not solve. The sound glitch. The problem occurs when I listen music,play games or watch film / video. In addition, videos and sound are sometimes out of sync by 1 - 2 seconds.I reco...