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Z270I Won't Get to BIOS Screen With Mydigitalssd BPX

I'm in the process of assembling my new computer. Everything in the BIOS is at default setting. Initially I only had the basic components connected in order to install Windows which are CPU, RAM and the nvme SSD on the front slot. The power button ap...

Recommend me some RGB lights

Hey all i wanted to get some lights for my pc using my new hero z270, i see loads out there, could anyone recommend a good set?

Jimlad by Level 7
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Soundblaster Z and SupremeFX ......

i've purchased the new Maxiumus IX and currently have the SBZ plugged in to PCIEx1. the Supreme FX codec that comes with the mobo has been touted as an excellent hardware.in view of this, which is bettter ? the SupremeFX or SBZ ?

ROG MAXIMUS IX FORMULA pcie slot 1 issue

Hi since I got this board iam trying to run my gpu on 16x pcie it wont it only run at 8x done everything reseated the cpu cooler .... bios update ....cleared bios ... clean install .....tried different type of gpus .......whatever I did it wont po...


ROG Maximus IX Extreme!

I think I have just found my new motherboard for my new build, check out this article about the M9E!Waterblock is made by Bitspower but not sure if it is copper or nickel plated. CPU, VRM, and one M.2 SSD is watercooled. :cool:Built in leak detection...

Cant select x4 BIOS STRIX Z270F GAMING BIOS 0906

Hey all.I have a Samsung ECO 960 M.2.Before the BIOS update i cut select x4 but now it wont let me.It also takes ALONG time to POST.Startup takes about 27 sec. Before BIOS 17 sec.Is this a bug?Where can i report this?Regards Daniel and thanks

Strix Z270G PWM CPU Fan Control Problems

For some reason when I try to set the fan speed % for my CPU fans(CPU/CPU_OPT) in PWM mode, regardless of what number I enter, it goes to 100. For example, if I want to set my lower temperature threshold of 30c to 30% fan speed, it goes to 100 even i...