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Maximus IX Apex and intesgrated graphics

I'm trying to switch the rig in my signature from a PCIe card to integrated graphics for a HWBOT contest. BIOS setting of igfx for primary display does not stick and BIOS uses the PCIe VGA.I tried several times with no PCIe card installed. BIOS doe...

jab383 by Level 13
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Whether to update newly bought mobo?

Hello,I would want to get an advice from BIOS pros.I have just bought a Maximus IX mobo, and it says the BIOS is of 0505 version from Aug 2016.Should I update it right away to 0801? Or better leave it as is?

help on upgrade

hey all iv been a long time user of an asus sabertooth z77 along with 2x8 corsair vengance 1600mhz and an i 5 3570k i use my system mainly as a gaming rig and for audio recordings. iv had a few upgrades in the past but the cpu,ram and motherboard hav...

New owner: Maximus IX Code, questions

I just migrated from a M5E, and am happy with my M9C, but I have a few questions:1. Where to I enable Wake On Lan? The new layout of the UEFI BIOS but I need to familiarise myself and have difficulty understanding the terminologies. My 60 year old br...

Z270F: Aura doesn't work

Lights on board won't turn on and software always crashes on startup. Here is crash dump:https://drdump.com/UploadedReport.aspx?DumpID=13735456Is there a trick to it?

Terepin by Level 8
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Maximus IX Formula and GSKILL Trident-Z 4000 XMP

Hello there,I am running the following configuration and have been unable to get the XMP profile to work:ASUS Maximus IX FormulaI7700k + AIO (360 radiator)4*8 F4-4000C18Q-32GTZSW2x EVGA 980ti HybridXFX Pro 1250wWin10Error Codes 49/55I have adjusted D...

Just a littel share and care

Hi Im using Maximus ix formula and was wondering if anyone also use the Noctua NH-D15S andfound out it actualy blocks for your gfx card slot/port unless you turn it around so it blows out the top of ur case ?Im just a worry head and wanted to know if...

Psycrow by Level 11
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Maximus IX Formula/Kraken X52 hookup

Im just getting ready to order a Maximus IX Formula mobo and have a simple question on connection of Kraken X52 AIO cooler.My goal is for the motherboard to control control both the AIO pump speed and the RPM of the fans to regulate my CPU temps. I d...

Hawk570 by Level 7
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